Foreign Divorce Decree

Marriages under the Hindu philosophy are considered to be a sacrament. However, with the changing times, the concept of marriage has also undergone substantial change.  The Hindu marriages are governed under the Hindu Marriage Act, 1955, which lays down the procedure relating to marriages, divorce, alimony, maintenance, child custody, etc.

Recently, a trend has come to light, whereby an individual marries in India and owing to residential status in a foreign country obtains a divorce in that particular country. Women are the victims of such acts, wherein, their husbands who have a job in a foreign country or have a permanent residency status of a foreign country, divorce and desert them outside India and render them destitute. Men, in particular, take advantage of being in a foreign land and file for divorces and since most of the foreign countries have a “no-fault” divorce system, the men easily obtain a divorce decree to escape from their responsibilities towards the wife.

What can you do?

If you are on a receiving end of a divorce decree obtained by your spouse in a foreign land, then you need assistance of the professional divorce lawyers in Chandigarh and the tri-city to help you get out of this problem. Our divorce lawyers in Chandigarh are not only well-versed with the loopholes available to dodge this bullet but will also provide you with the much needed counter solutions to bring you the justice that you so urgently need.

What are the other precautions one should take before leaving India after marrying NRI spouses?

i. You should keep a list of contact details of neighbours, friends, relatives, and your husband’s employer in the foreign country, police, ambulance, and the Indian Embassy or High Commission in the country where you are living with your husband.

ii. Please keep photocopies of all important documents including your passport, visa, bank and property documents, marriage certificate, wedding photos and other essential papers and phone numbers with parents or other trustworthy people in India or abroad.

iii. In case these documents are lost/forcibly taken away /destroyed by your spouse or in-laws, the copies will be useful. If possible, keep a scanned soft copy of these documents with you or/and any person you trust.

What can you do if your NRI husband abandons you? 

If your NRI husband has abandoned you in India, you can immediately file a complaint under 498A IPC on grounds of cruelty with the police in the local police station in the area where you were abandoned. Connect with the experienced divorce lawyers in Chandigarh to help you deal with this problem efficaciously.

Moreover, offences committed outside of India would be deemed to have been committed within the territory of India by virtue of Section 188 of the Cr.P.C. Therefore, you can lodge a complaint about the same in India. Contact our efficient divorce lawyers in Chandigarh to sail through this issue without any hassles.

In case your husband has abandoned you in a foreign country or harasses you in any way, you may approach the local police or you have the option to immediately contact the following in case of an emergency/to seek assistance in the foreign country:

a. Indian Embassy in the concerned foreign country.

b. Employer of the husband

c. Local Indian associations and networks of Indian citizens in the area of the residence of your fiancé

d. Friends and relatives in that country

It is important for every Indian woman to know that the Ministry of Overseas Indian Affairs operates a scheme for giving legal and financial assistance to Indian women deserted by their overseas Indian/foreigner husbands through NGOs empanelled and legal organisations with Embassy / Consulate. Such assistance under the Indian Ministry scheme is provided through Embassy / Consulate in the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, Singapore and the Gulf countries such as Oman, Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, KSA and UAE. The amount of assistance provided per case under the scheme to deserted Indian women is up to USD 3,000/- in developed countries and USD 2,000/- in developing countries.

You need not fret if your NRI spouse has initiated divorce proceeding against you in a foreign country or has obtained a divorce decree in a foreign land as our divorce lawyers in Chandigarh have suitable and effective solutions available for you in both the cases. The finest divorce lawyers in Chandigarh are well versed with the technicalities involved in such cases, and, therefore, offer you the best way out of your troubles. Apart from this, the distinguished divorce lawyers in Chandigarh are conversant with foreign laws of the reciprocating countries which makes it easier for us to make available to you the best possible solution.